First post in my first blog

So, this is my first attempt at starting my own blog. I haven’t really been planning on doing one and then withought thinking and procrastinating too much just decided to start as it’s so easy these days. I would like to apologise in advance if my language and writing style are not perfect. Although I have lived in London for over ten years now, English is not my mother tongue (I come from Russia) and I am not sure you can master another language to such a degree that it would not be obvious that you are a foreigner. In addition to this I haven’t written anything apart from some business e-mails since my university days. Maybe one day I could do some creative writing course or a blog writing course, but for now I just feel like getting on with it and mainly focusing on the content. And the content would be everything that inspires me in the world of interior design and all related areas. This is something that was of great interest to me all my life and this blog should in a way be a database and a diary of interiors I would like to live in, objects that I would like to surround myself with, some areas in London and maybe some other cities and countries that offer great shopping, some interesting shops I discover and all the other inspirational aspects I can’t think of right now. In addition to this I hope some friends of my mine with great homes will open their doors for me to take some pictures and share them on my blog.

Just a few more things about me. I never had any formal training in interior design but been thinking about it for years. I am now seriously contemplating doing a course in the nearest future as I have wanted to do it for so long. Meanwhile this blog hopefully will help me sort out my thoughts, keep working at my ideas and keep me inspired.

So, this is just a quick introduction, hopefully lots of posts and images are to follow.

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