A Trip to Beautiful Local Nurseries

It’s still very cold and although it’s nearly the end of March spring doesn’t seem to be in the air. Yet, yesterday I decided that it’s time to start planting seeds for my allotment. It must have been a combination of my Russian roots and TV programmes like Edible Garden by Alys Fowler, that made me want to have my own plot of land; here is an image to give an idea what my future garden looks like in my dreams:


The only dilemma I had for a while is that I do need to grow some seedlings to transfer them into the soil outside sometime in May and I never was too keen on using up my window sills with something that looks messy and not esthetically pleasing. Then I had an idea to use some cute little terracota clay pots. I saw them on my recent trip to Selfridges and thought I could source them cheaper locally.  And so yesterday I headed to my local little nursery called Alexandra nurseries in Parish Lane, Penge. It’s not just a nursery, but also a shop that sells a good selection of vintage and antique kitchen and home ware as well as a cafe with tables outside and upstares which apparantly hosts an arts exhibition. Planning a tea and cake trip in the near future to check it out. It’s all very cute, small and friendly.


My plan worked as I managed to find the pots I was after. They turned out to be antique Victorian. I also spotted some nice antique glass bottles which is a weakness of mine. I would like to make a collection in the future. They would look lovely with some light shining through them. I saw a feature made out of them in a beautiful hotel we recently stayed at, called the Crown in Amersham. Here is a photo to get an idea, but I loved the decor of that place so much, I should probably write separately about it.


Getting back to the nurseries just want to say that it’s an unexpected pleasure to find a place like this one in this generally somewhat bleak area. Worth checking out for some vintage finds and definitely a cup of tea.


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