Wool House

Today, or actually yesterday by now, I have visited Wool House exhibition in Somerset House. Very impressive!

The exhibition has been organised by the Campaign for Wool and presents a vision for wool as a modern, versatile, lifestyle fibre and is hosted in the stunning West Wing of Somerset House in central London. It features a showcase of interiors, fashion and the world of artisan and craft making, along with a hi-tech educational suite.

The event has invited leading interior designers to offer their vision and seven individual rooms show how the design community uses the fibre extensively within their work. Exclusive room sets from Donna Wilson and Kit Kemp feature alongside a huge wool art installation commissioned from the acclaimed Dutch tapestry artist, Claudy Jongstra.

Below are just a few images from the exhibition. I will write more about my favourite products and designs, for now just want to let you know that if you do want to catch this exhibition, hurry up, today is the last day!


I’ve got a spare moment right now and decided to add a few comments to my earlier blog about Wool House, while the memory is still fresh. There were a few objects that I particularly liked and the first one I want to mention isn’t even wool. It is this artwork that featured on a wall in one of the rooms.


I find this artwork or sculpture by Antonia Spowers made of cartridge paper quite amazing. The rough paper has almost featherlike quality. This one, found on her website is beautiful too.


I was also really pleased to find a whole room designed by my long term favourite Donna Wilson. I love her quirky cushions, throws and creatures. They are on my wishlist for my son’s room.


Another product I was very happy to find at Wool House, is this chunky felted yarn, which I found out is made by a South African producer Krafthaus. Some time ago I was looking for this type of yarn and couldn’t find anything suitable so it was great to finally know where I can get what I need. The yarn comes in a variety of beautiful colours and would be perfect for making floor cushions, pouffes and foot stools. Now that I found what I need this will be the next project when I get some free time. The only problem is that they don’t have a stockist in the UK, so the yarn would have to be shipped from South Africa. Hmm, maybe I should start supplying them?


And of course, this was the place to find an obundance of beautiful cosy soft pure wool throws. Here are a couple of my favourites.


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2 Responses to Wool House

  1. Thank you for mentioning our thick Merino Yarn in your blog! A distributor would be wonderful to have in the UK! Although the name Krafthaus was inspired by the Bauhaus movement it is also to offer a space (house) for designers to explore their concepts and designs. We offer employment to local South Africans and the yarn is mostly made by Zimbabwean refugee ladies. Keep blogging you are doing a great job Anna!

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