Renovation Project: Wallpaper

After being exposed lately to a lot of great design, starting my own blog and so thinking more and looking more at beautiful homes I am now itching to start some sort of project in my own home. And I also keep finding corners that are particularly overlooked and uninspiring. I live in a flat in a modernist building built in 1930-s, it’s quite open plan and at the moment mostly white walls. I feel I need to introduce some distinctions between spaces to make the flat look more interesting. While I love my home, certain parts of it recieved no attention all this time and are quite boring and my goal it to create points of interest wherever my eye falls. Eventually, anyway. One of my resolutions is to try and be more brave and adventurous even if it’s only something small. So, I’ve been thinking what  could be done and the first thing that came to my mind is to do something about the small area right by the entrance door. It’s open plan with the living room and I think it needs a different colour to define it an entrance hall. For the last couple of days I’ve been looking at hundreds of wallpapers looking for something modern, simple, clean looking not to clash with the living room. Here are a few ideas:

Really love this wallpaper by Ferm Living for its modernist feel and uneven pattern that looks like it’s a handmade print.

Ferm Living

It looks great in black and white, I am just wondering if I should go for something with some colour. But I keep finding great monochrome designs! Like this Marimekko one.

Marimekko Ruutukaava

And these  three by Scion:

Flat Shots Flat Shots Flat Shots

This Marimekko wallpaper though has happy fresh colours and patterns, I like it:


I also came across this wallpaper by Sanderson which I think is rather cute. Could look good in a child’s bedroom too.


I am not that into floral patterns but this Cole and Son wallpaper is one of my favourites after I have seen a photo of a room with it in a magazine. I have seen this wallpaper so many times before and never paid attention to it. It does mean a lot to see something in context. That’s why I always prefer to look at interiors and then find out where the objects I like come from rather than at products on its own.

Cole and Son flowerCharlotte-Sinclair-home12

Also wondering if this wallpaper by Cole & Son could look good, a bit darker and moodier:

Cole and Son Hick's Grand

But I quite like geometric shapes too. Like this one by Ferm Living:

ferm living remix

And this one by Boras Tapeter. This one is probably my favourite at the moment. I know it’s very simple, but I can see it adding a bit more colour other than white and a new pattern without being too overbearing in an open plan space. It’s also not black, they have different options to choose from and my favourite is the blue – grey tone.

boras tapeter

Love this one too by Abigail Ahern.


This one by MissPrint is also quite striking.

MissPrint Mountains

Next step – odering some samples.

And finally, I know this one isn’t right for my flat, but I find it striking and I love it, so just have to share the image. This is Cole and Son geometric wallpaper:

Cole and Son

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