Go For Gold

I have recently been obsessed with the desire to add a touch of gold to my space. Even a small accessory would do and can instantly create a more glamorous environment.

I have been eyeing up these Skandium Nappula candle holders for a while. They conveniently come in two sizes and I think to create a feature out of them I’d need at least two. I have set aside a space for them on my mantlepiece.


I have already mentioned this recently, but these Tom Dixon ceiling lights are now on my wish list for an imaginary new home, that is if we eventually move. I saw this light in a hallway in a house I recently visited and that’s when I realised how great it looked, otherwise I might have not noticed it in a shop. On a photo below you can see a glimpse of it.

9699_West entranceX853659_m

Actually Tom Dixon have quite a few lights in gold at the moment and all of them look great, so there is a choice.

Below I have selected a few images that impressed me recently. All of them have some gold incorporated in the interior and I love the look.

66c357222559320715ea9229ce66f08a 9dddde1c925c0a2288d6682462968820

And how about an intirely golden kitchen? Sounds crazy but looks fabulous!

gold kitchen

It looks like lights is a popular way to inroduce gold into a space. I certainly would love to find a golden ceiling light for my living room. Here is an image I have recently found and made a note of it for the future.

ceiling light

But this Gaetano Sciolari schandellier is also one of my favourites.

gaetano sciolari

And one last image, tea anyone?

tea pot

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2 Responses to Go For Gold

  1. yanna says:

    Love a touch of gold too:)) My favourite look is that image of the golden sofa, dark floorboards, flowers and interesting object on the wall – is it a mirror? whatever it is I love its organic form. I do enjoy when things have movement in them. I also really like those golden globes above the kitchen counter.. Thank you for your inspiration..xx

    • malkova22 says:

      Thank you:) I love that image too, I am really into darker interiors at the moment. I don’t think it’s a mirror, it looks like you can see wall through that hole in the middle, but it is beautiful. Would be nice to find something similar. xx

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