It seems the spring is finally slowly arriving and I thought it would be a good idea to share a few beautiful pictures of flowers and get some inspiration for the coming months. I am desperate to bring some colour into my home with flowers and have bought lots of seed, bulbs and roots to plant at my allotment. I hope the results will be more successful than last year.

One of my absolute favourite flowers is ranunculus. Just look how gorgeous they are!

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My other loves are hydrangeas and peonies:


Flower arrangements have never been my strong point. I always loved looking at them but never quite had enough flowers of different vaiaties in my disposal to just freely experiment with them. This is where, if I am lucky, my allotment should come to help.

Below I have selected some photos that I find very inspiring and will try to recreate them in summer. Note, that the flowers themselves don’t have to be something special, it looks like whatever was avaiable at the moment was used but the stricking result is achieved by the combination of bright contrasting colours.


I love the use of small mismatched quirky vases and bottles that could be used for single stems or small arrangements and groupped together.

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The beautiful mini vases below are by designer Shan Annabelle Valla and can be bought as group of three or five.


And this is one of my favourites, just because it’s so unexpected and I love coloured glass! Also the colour combination looks quite fresh and suits spring mood.


Using something other than a traditional pot for plunting spring bulbs is a great idea and I see it quite often with all kinds of vases and bowls used. I once saw them planted in crystal bowls that looked beautiful too.


And here is a wonderful way to show off a collection of cacti. To me it has always been a plant that looks very cute with its bright red or pink blossom when you look at it in a shop but then you never know what to do with it at home, I find it a bit hard to incorporate in an interior. But this is a great idea. And here they created a beautiful colour combination of red, pink and blue.


I have never liked the idea of fake flowers, I actually always thought that it would be one of the things I would never have in my home, but I have recently seen flower arrangments by one of my favourite designers of the moment Abigail Ahern and I think I could be converted! Just look at these:

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4 Responses to Blooms

  1. Katie says:

    Love this post Anya and completly agree with you on the faux flowers….However i am also a real convert now after Abigail Ahern’s blooms. X

    • malkova22 says:

      Thank you! Yes, her flowers look beautiful, also because they are combined together so well. Thinking of going and checking out her shop this weekend. x

  2. Yanna says:

    I always thought that what makes interesting a flower arrangement or arrangements are the vases (as well as the flowers of course). A good colleciton of vases of all shapes and heights is one of the things I often find myself investing in. Thanks for the beautiful colours:))))xx

  3. malkova22 says:

    Completely agree! Just been thinking that I don’t have enough interesting ones, especially in small sizes, spent yesterday evening looking at vintage bottles and vases on Etsy.

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