Favourite Designer of the Moment: Abigail Ahern

I have discovered Abigail Ahern quite recently and now I am completely obsessed with her glamorous decoration style. I have lived with white walls for suite some time and although my interior isn’t minimalist I can see now that there could be more to it. I have an urge to create something maybe a bit more grown up, and try to add more glamour. And I too am now tempted by the darker more seductive and opulent interiors: dark grey walls, a few splashes of colour and lots of accessories! I am not quite ready to repaint my walls Down Pipe, one of reasons it being quite a lot of work and I am lazy and also I probably wouldn’t be allowed, but maybe one corner, one wall is the way to start experimenting, trying out something new, getting ready fo bigger projects in antisipation of the next move. And that’s exactly what Abigail’s work – her blog, her new book inspires you to do, to be braver, to be more creative, and as she puts it: not to stop decorating too early – what I feel I have done.

As I mentioned she writes a fun inspirational blog which is listed among top 20 interior design blogs, has a shop, runs design masterclasses and has just written a book!

Loads of gorgeous photos here:









Lots of things you see on the photos of her home can be bought in her shop. I particularly love bookcase wallpaper, her round convex mirrors, giant moose light and most of all rasta floor cushion that is available in a vast variety of colours. I can just imagine it in my living room in mustardy yellow or moss green. Below is another gorgeous interior with these cushions.


Her book arrived last week – more great pictures and useful advice! I am now even contemplating to do one of her design masteclasses – I bet it will be a fun day.

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2 Responses to Favourite Designer of the Moment: Abigail Ahern

  1. Yanna says:

    Yes, great depth she has. The picture I loved which is also here is the shot of the round table and white dining chairs mixed with the mustard/golden armchairs, the moody blues and old brick wall in the distance. Always thought Rotherhithe would suit this style but like you never quite that brave. Did manage a tiny wall with a deep dark farrow&ball blue which I love and can now well imagine the entire flat in that colour although that may give me nightmares of slowly drowning especially being that close to the river:)

    • malkova22 says:

      🙂 I am thinking of painting the wall opposite the front dook dark grey. Something needs to be done to that entrance area as we don’t have a proper hallway but it needs some storage and more order. Read a good simple tip in Abigail’s book and now planning to implement it.

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