Just a few days ago I came across this photo and thought how wonderful this bed looked. It shows my favourite colour combinations, whenever I see this shade of yellow, grey and turquoisy blue I feel drawn to them and it made me want to try something more colourful rather than the usual white that I normally stick too. I also like the crinkled look this bed linen has. I wonder whether it’s just the way it looks on the photo or it does have this special texture.


I did a little research and found out that this bed linen is sold in a Paris store Merci. And then yesterday I found out completely accidentally that Merci now opened an online store and offers international delivery. The bed linen comes in a wide variety of colours but I like the ones on the picture and it would be a great idea to try and mix them up like that rather than use all the same colour. I think it would look great with the grey walls.

The Paris store looks good too. Should make a note of it and visit it next time I am in Paris.


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4 Responses to Merci

  1. Yanna says:

    Sold! Let’s go to Paris!!!!xx

  2. I agree with you Anya, the bed colours are a wonderful combination! The picture of the shop looks extremely boring though..!

    • malkova22 says:

      Yes, agree, don’t love it either. It is bland, too white and needs a splash of colour at least, but as I was mentioning the shop it felt appropriate to show a picture of it and the choice on their website wasn’t great. Maybe something they need to think about! It does have some intersting products though, so worth checking out.

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