Neoclassical Wall Mural

I have recently been noticing many interiors where a simple contemporary setting was combined with classical art. In this image the idea is taken to another level with a photo of a Pierre-Paul Prud’hon neoclassical painting blown up to mural-size.


I absolutely love this! My fascination must be partially caused by rediscovering the art of Old Masters and particularly painters of Dutch Golden Age. What makes it work is the contrast between the classical image and contemporary interior. I generally like when an interior has influences from different periods, it makes space so much more interesting. In this particular image the interior itself isn’t really that contemporary but quite simple, uncluttered and the darkness of the wall mural contrasts well with the surrounding white walls. I can imagine this consept to work just as well in combination with contemporary or mid century modern furniture and accessories, like in the image below that I absolutely adore.

Love the painting and the way it’s matched so well by the chair and minimalist accessories .


And one more to prove the point.




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One Response to Neoclassical Wall Mural

  1. Very beautiful and I love the idea as well, thank you!

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