I have recently discovered this internet shop and I think it’s quite a find! Love their individual and carefully thought through selection of clothing and homeware.

Plumo is a London based company launched in 1997. They travel around the world to source products that are original in design, beautifully crafted and a little different from what you usually see. They tend to work with artisans, co-operatives from Africa to Asia, designers that have just come out of college and any kind of creative people that just make beautiful things.

I found loads of beautiful, interesting pieces of furniture and household acessories on their website. Definitely worth checking out regularly as it seems their collection often changes and added to and some pieces seem to be one offs.

Here is a selection of my favourite finds.

Absolutely love these chairs – great if you need a centre piece for your room. The coloured one is upholstered in vintage Uzbek fabric.

Akata_chair__29262_zoom Uzbek_Chair_283__71874_zoom

I don’t think you will get much use out of these scissors, purely decorative, but so unsual they deserve to be on display.


This lamp on the contrary could be useful in so many parts of the house, in the kitchen, over a desk, on top of book shelves, even over a didning table in my home, in every corner lacking light and much easier than putting through cabling for a ceiling light. I need one, and also like its industrial look.


I always make a note when I find interesting unusual plant pots, as when you need one it’s so hard to find them. The selection in your diy store or a garden centre is incredibly boring. Love the little lion legs!


Great colour here! I have a soft spot for this juicy shade of yellow. And the artichoke is nice too.


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