Dark Walls

I have been gradually converting to the idea of dark walls thanks to influences of designers like Abigail Ahern and seeing lots of great examples on Pinterest and other inspirational websites. After living with white walls for quite a while I am getting tired of the same look and ready to be more adventurous. Dark walls make space look sophisticated, add glamour, individuality and character, pull different objects and accessories together and make you feel like you are in a boutique hotel or a club. It can work just as well with small spaces making them cosier and a lot more interesting. I have decided to select a few favourite images but as I was going through them I realised how many there are, all wonderful in their own way, so never mind that there are so many, it would be a shame to exclude some of them. Here is a feast for the eyes, most taken from Pinterest and you can recognise some of Abigail Ahern’s. As you can see dark can work everywhere, but particularly for me, if you choose only one or a couple of rooms, a snug or TV room, a bedroom and a bathroom work particularly well in dark colour.

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Dark grey is very sophisticated, but not the only colour that can work. I love the blue room above.

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And here are a few favourite bedrooms. The one below is particularly dark, entirely black, including ceiling. I would love it to be my bedroom!

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And a few favourite bathrooms!

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And here is proof that dark can even work in children’s bedrooms, it just needs a few splashes of colour.

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Finally, just thought I would share a thought, I recently saw a saying on internet, it said something in the lines that people create interior designs to make them feel that their lives are more interesting than they really are. At first I thought: well, ok… But then I realised that I don’t agree actually. We live our lives through our perceptions and feelings, so if we feel that our life is interesting then it really is.

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4 Responses to Dark Walls

  1. afarjon says:

    Love the dark wall with light stripy ceiling! Such a good idea! Definitely using that soon x

  2. Yanna says:

    So i guess the question is what makes someone interesting and secondly is it reflected in their home? I suspect that there are many fascinating people who may not have the time or inclination to express their personality in the way they decorate their home. It could be that they are in perpetual travel (for example) and they don’t have a ‘home home’. And then again you may have a beautiful home designed professionally by an interior design agency. Will the home be less interesting because the ideas and execution came from an external source? It’s an interesting topic so thank you for bringing it up. I also want to add that ultimately it’s the energy of the people living in a home regardless of what it looks like. If it looks great and feels great fantastic!!

    • malkova22 says:

      I totally agree that there are lots of incredibly interesting people who have no interest whatsoever in their home environment and make no effort because their interest lies somewhere else. However to me personally it helps when you can see someone’s personality through their home. I think home like nothing else, far greater than somebody’s looks and clothes, can give you an indication, an insight into what somebody’s about. Even without knowing a person properly it can help you get a feel for for the person and decide whether you have things in common. It’s a kind overview of a person. I don’t think there is any problem in using help of a professional designer though, in the same way you might use a garden designer or an architect to help you in the area you don’t feel you have enough competence. My idea of a good designer is that they would try to understand your tastes, help you get a clear picture of what you like and dislike, even if you don’t quite know what it is and then interpret it in a professional way. And then on top you will mix it with all your personal stuff. I also keep thinking that a home doesn’t have to be perfectly styled and finished to help you get this impression of a person living in there. People might not have enought money or time and anyway I think great interiors, personal ones, are created overtime, not within a weekend, but certain details and objects can still give you an indication of whether you have an affinity with the person. And, I have to say, it’s also about certain things, someone doesn’t have in their home, certain no-no things:) I already think of a few such things. Maybe should write a post about it!

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