Holly’s House

Another nice website that I have recently discovered. Holly’s House was founded by an up-and-coming interior designer, KLC school of design graduate Holly Wick. Holly’s House is a new online shop that sells an eclectic range of furniture and home wares. She also has a retail space at 283 New Kings Road. The look of the website and selection of the products match very well the style and estethics I am particuarly into at the moment. Grey tones, many products I haven’t seen on other websites and some well thought through interior shots in the interior design section, as Holly also provides an interior design service.


I know it’s one more homeware website among others but she seems to have got all the components right so I think she is off to a good start.

Here are just a couple of products that cought my eye.

I do love glass bottles of all shapes, sizes and colours:


brown_grande   bottles_grande

I have been searching for tiny vintage medicine bottles like these lately to use as vases for single flowers but also for decorating my bathroom. These are very cute. I have also seen them at Colombia Road recently. But I have discovered a great trick – a lot of less trendy local brick-a-brack, flea market type places sell these for about quarter of the price! On my recent trip to Norwich I have bought a small collection of these. Of course, they are not always perfect, might be cracked and dirty, but you just need to look for the right ones. They look great placed on the window sill with the light shining through them.

I am also a fan of industrial lighting, I like the look of this one:


And this beautiful tray is inspired by old enamelware but with a fresh twist.


Will be keeping an eye on this website.




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