Labour and Wait

I am sorry for dissappearing for so long, I am now relaxing in the Russian countryside, and have been without internet for a while. It seems an incredible leap of progress that internet connection is available here at all even though getting it sorted hasn’t been easy and it is annoyingly slow. I also remember my promise to post some extra images of my ceramic purchases, but since then I have discovered a lot of new products and ceramics artists that I like, so I am thinking of doing a separate post on that.

But today I have decided to write about a little shop I have come across on my recent walk in Shoreditch called Labour and Wait. Located in Redchurch street the shop sells vintage inspired range of homeware.

IMG_3349_grande   L_W_New_Shop_Interior_1_large

This introduction I found on their website sums up very well what the shop is about:

“We believe in a simple, honest approach to design, where quality and utility are intrinsic.

From hardware to clothing we offer a selection of timeless products that celebrate functional design and which are appropriate in a traditional or contemporary environment.

We have assembled a carefully curated collection of new and vintage items, some of them familiar, others waiting to be discovered. These everyday classics will not date but will mellow with age and are destined to become favourites.”

If you care about every little detail in your home up to the last brush and a milk pan this is a must to check out, a wonderful shop to explore. Apart from their standard range if you look hard enough you can also come across some unusual vintage finds. My husband spotted some original books from his childhood.

bibapron_grande   enamelpanavocado_1_grande

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