Barker and Stonehouse Store Opens in Battersea

On 6th June a new furniture store Barker and Stonehouse opened in Battersea.


The new store occupies over 25,000 sq feet of space. I have only recently found out about this retailer, but it has been in business since 1946. Judging from their online shop the selection is vast, very versatile as well catering for all tastes. Some things are not to my taste, but they sell a great variety of big names, like Ligne Roset and B&B Italia as well as design classics. For some reason I went immediately to Chairs section and it contained some of my favourite designs, such as Love Seat, Quaker chair and Butterfly chair by Ercol and Kartell Masters to name a few – all were on sale as well:RTRO0450ERCO_1_Zoom QUKR1875FABE_1_Zoom     RTRO0401ERCO_1_Zoom 3MST5865MATT_1_Zoom

Also this mid century looking bed cought my eye.


It certainly is a useful store as a single destination to explore a wide range of products. Will have to go and check it out soon.

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