Stripes and Zig Zags

One of the trends I have recently discovered and really loved is a monocrome stripy or zig-zaggy rug. If you have neglected space in your home this is one of those details that can immediately transform the room from a very ordinary and drab into a bright characterful space.



The image above is one of my favourite rooms. I love everything about it, somehow the mirror on the wall works really well with the stripes. The feeling is relaxed and sophisticated at the same time. I think that’s what stripes do, they add a bit more sophistication, a bit more structure to the room so I like when they are combined with more relaxed features like a sheep skin or a floral print cushion to dilute the structure and to avoid appearing too classic.


The image above is from the latest issue of Living Etc. and it’s this picture that made me want to try and incorporate a rug like that into my own bedroom. I love the bright colours with the dark background.

Below are a few more ways to use these rugs, picked from Pinterest.

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I did a quick research to see what’s available on the market and came across these lovely slightly different more ethnic and less classic options from Holly’s House.

zig_zag_rug_grande   black_and_white_rug_grande

They look great, especially I like the square one, but above my budget for something non-essential like that.

This Ikea rug is very popular and I’ve seen it many times in various interiors and it’s a good affordable option.


But my favourite is this zig zag rug from Urban Outfitters. I hope it looks just as good in real life too.

5532400124000_Black_l4   5532400124000_Black_l2

The rug below is called Olin rug sold by American retailer Crate & Barrel that is shipping to UK. It’s made of 100% cotton and comes in a number of sizes and prices. It looks like a good buy too. olin-black-rug

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