Abigail Ahern’s new selection of vases

Recently read on Abigail’s blog about some new vases she just got in store. The selection looks great and I would want most of them in my home. I think I am developing a kind of obsession with vases. I just checked her website and they are actually even affordable, something I didn’t expect from her shop, somehow I was of an opinion that all her stuff is extremely expensive. I am glad I was wrong! Below are some pictures. The colours are all my favourites: ochre and pewter, aqua and cement is very cool too. Hard to choose.

white_mediterranean_jug_2_1024x1024   pewter_ochre_vases_1_1024x1024

cement-inkwell-vases_1024x1024   aqua_groove_jug_2_1024x1024

Also, exciting news, that I finally decided to go ahead and book masterclass with Abigail: Designing your Dream Home. That’s something to look forward to.


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