Plant Pots

Sometime ago when looking for a pot to replant my orchid I realised that it’s not that easy to find interesting or even simply tasteful planters, the usual selection in a local Homebase or a garden centre is so boring! Since then whenever I come across a picture of a pot I like or see a shop that stocks nice looking ones I make a note, and I have accumulated quite a few images in my Pinterest account.

To me the simplest and one of the best solutions that would look great in any interior and you wouldn’t have to worry about matching style and colours is a plain Victorian terracota pot. I found a good selection in my local wonderful Alexandra nurseries. A huge selection is also available in a recently discovered by me Petersham Nurseries. They look great with all their imperfections and green and white mould on the surface only adds more character.

Shop_Nursery1_1   img_4350

Petersham nurseries have a really good selection of pots, from basic but nevertheless very tasteful to expensive one offs that could become a centrepiece in the garden.

Shop_Nursery2_1   img_5054_2

I also like these contemporary concrete planters, particularly a shallow wide one, that can fit more that one plant.


Another place worth checking out, is Anthropologie – one of my favourite shops. Obviously, the choice won’t be huge, but they always have something unusual and quirky in stock. I just checked their website and discovered these!

27410489_046_b   D20807277_015_b


Here are some more interesting images found on Pinterest to inspire.

bb76594bd74b08f495c261ceb6e08949   1e1c0b04ae677b5adcbfe37ccc1482f0

bb8b0c3b82d8d7a191972d8f14773735   cefe8c21fc4cd31fe3020bcf7a51a1c4

These colourful pots look like this could be a DIY project!


Small plants in egg cups! I do like the idea.



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